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Marine General Speaks Out

Lots of news from our peoples

Allman & Crane from 97.1 Talk in St. Louis where I flap my gum occasionally had Gen. Wesley Clark on and things got interesting. Remember folks Clark got fired by Bill Clinton as Commander of NATO.

On Monday, September 17, Wesley Clark appeared on the Allman & Crane in
the Morning show on 97.1 FM TALK in St. Louis. General Clark was upset
about why he was not consulted by before they launched their
attack ad. Why would he be upset? Does this prove collusion, or at the
very least, lead one to believe that the former General (who just
endorsed Hillary) is serving in an advisory capacity to this supposed
non-partisan group?

Hear the show here.

Ward Carroll points out a piece about possibly expanding the size of our forces.

Bill Ardolino has another cool set of pictures from his recent trip tp Iraq.

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