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Patriot Day (in case you didn't get the memo)

Dick Durbin Leads the Surge Against the Surge - Part I

"It is regrettable that the White House has apparently chosen September 11 to release the Bush-Petraeus report.  President Bush acknowledged long ago that Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11." - Senator Dick Durbin on September 7th.

Remember when I wrote?:

...Please refer all conspiracy theorists to this excellent post by Grim - "The Petraeus Report" - about the legal background around the testimony that General Petraeus will be compelled to make on September 11th.  I believe the testimony was originally supposed to take place by the 15th of September, but the Rosh Hashana holiday begins on the 12th so his testimony was moved up.  When Think Progress, Daily Kos, and all "progressives" spaz out on the date of the testimony, please remember (or remind them) which party controls Congress.  They could hold the testimony on the 10th, but then that would mean that Congress would have to work on a *gasp!* Monday...

Just sayin'...