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Introducing "Deebow"

Ladies And Gentlemen (and Mr. Sparkle) -

Notice the damn sexy American Fighting Man in the photo below:


His nickname is Deebow and he is joining the Blackfive team.  I've posted his emails from Afghanistan here before.  Many of you will recognize the "I'm Tired" post - it's his handiwork.  Here's more.  Deebow has been shot at, rocketed, and seen the elephant more times than I've heard from most of my friends in OIF or OEF.  He's fought along side the Afghan Army against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and knows first hand how vicious and brutal they are. 

He's been home for a little while now, and, I'm happy to report, will begin posting here soon.  Below is his bio (which seriously doesn't do justice to what's he done with his life):

Deebow is a Staff Sergeant and a Military Police Squad Leader in the Army National Guard.  In a previous life, he served in the US Navy.  He has over 19 years of experience in both the Maritime and Land Warfare; including deployments to Southwest Asia, Thailand, the South Pacific, South America and Egypt.  He has served as a Military Police Team Leader and Protective Services Team Leader and he has served on assignments with the US State Department, US Air Force Security Police, US Army Criminal Investigation Division, and the US Drug Enforcement Administration.  He recently spent time in Afghanistan working with, training and fighting alongside Afghan Soldiers and is now focused on putting his 4 year Political Science degree to work by writing about foreign policy, military security policy and politics.

To give you an idea of the esteem in which I hold him, I sent this message a few weeks ago to the other Blackfive authors as a Warning Order:

Deebow returned from Afghanistan a few months ago.  He's an [redacted] National Guardsman who was attached to a [redacted]Training Team with the Afghan army.  He was routinely in firefights with the Taliban and trained his soldiers to operate independently and they have done and continue to do massive damage to the Taliban.  Attached is a [redacted] info about his team.

The guy is a badass, nice guy, devoted dad and husband, and all around B5 material.  The kind of guy you'd want to protect your family.  He's like you.
So, Blackfive-igans, welcome Deebow aboard!