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Interview w/ Bill Ardolino from Fallujah

I would like to credit the video producers for the pieces that accompany this talk with Bill Ardolino of INDC Journal who is currently in Fallujah embedded with a Marine unit. Sgt. Ted McDonald II MEF PAO & Sgt. Josh H. Hauser II Marine Log Grp PAO were the two names I could find so thanks gents, let me know if there are others as well.

Bill talks about a just-completed Operation Alljah where the Marines and the locals set up precincts around town. These are combination police, neighborhood watch, and reconstruction centers. They are reaping the benefits of the Anbar Awakening and there is a fair amount of progress. Bill discuses recruiting the neighborhood watch who serve as junior cops and how they have used the presence of US Marines to bolster the confidence of local law enforcement. The videos show much of the activity that Bill mentions.

Please consider a tax deductible donation to support independent journalism. Mark the subject line with "INDC Journal," if you are so inclined. The money goes to keep Bill, Bill Roggio and many others in country and telling the truth. We had two calls, so don't be fooled when I say goodbye the first time


Or you may listen to a podcast of our talk here.

This is the first of as many interviews we are going to get done between now and Sept. 15 when Congress starts debating the Iraq war. Send links to the Congress critters or anyone else.