Combat Medic on Patrol
Ahm-a-nuttah-job speech

"Hello, Juba? This is Hell calling....What?...Virgins?...Oh, no. We're calling to schedule your pineapple fitting."

The Jawa Report is informing that a Canadian jihad site is reporting that Juba the sniper is dead.  Problem is...I don't believe that Juba ever really existed.  If he did, he was either a short-lived gunman with bad aim or captured awhile ago.  But he's probably an amalgamation of snipers.  Dr. Rusty Shackleford has more at the Jawa Report.  BTW, the Staff Sergeant in the sniper propaganda video lived too.  And he went back to Iraq and is a Blue Spader (who have really taken the fight to the enemy over the last year).  Of course, CNN forgot to mention that in their claim that the propaganda video was news.

I sure hope that hell has an extra large pineapple for Juba.