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Blackfive TV- Ardolino simul-testifies from Fallujah

Guilty of Contempt of Congress

Yes I am, your honor. I plead guilty to the highest level of contempt it is humanly possible to have for our Congress and would ask divine intervention to enable me to despise them as fully as they deserve.

In a take one for the team kind of mentality, I have watched as much of the weasel fest on Capitol Hill as I could. I work from home and much is on computer, so I could have the bastiges on in the background. I have seen mental midget after politcal hack after deranged partisan pay no attention to the two gentlemen calmy not killing them while blowing all kinds of methane only rarely related to the truth.

General,  some hack in Newsweek said that "We're all doomed Christopher Robin" don't you think this is certain proof the surge has failed?


Mr Ambassador, the Iraqis have been unable to reconcile and start singing Kumbaya after 4 long years, a task we ourselves handled in barely 11 , well if you don't count that whole Civil War thing, but back to my bloviating, doesn't this show that you can't create Democracy with force, well of course not counting the Revolutionary War and WWII, Umm did I ask a question Mr. Chairman?

I have had my faith completely restored in our Parliament of Whores. I knew they were beneath useless, and given their performance I can't wait to see their approval ratings. What is Absolute Zero in percentage points anyhow?

Unsurprisingly these near cretins didn't even smudge the brass on Petraeus' uniform and Crocker even had a couple of laugh lines that the pompous masters of smug all missed. Between the disgusting haters of MoveOn and the lying, posturing, back-stabbers of our Congress, I'll take the haters. At least they are honest if not honorable. The parasites I saw attacking the very idea of victory are neither.