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The Day I Met The President of the United States...

Exciting days at Blackfive Global HQ

Well now the stock around here has been running pretty high, but Matty O' tops the scale today spending some time with a certain President George W. Bush at the White House. Here is Bill Roggio's description:

Camp Liberty, Baghdad Province: This afternoon, the Long War Journal had the opportunity to sit in on a meeting with President George Bush and a group of select military bloggers, which including Matthew Burden from Blackfive, Mrs. Greyhawk from the Mudville Gazette, Ward Carroll from DefenseTech, and Mohammed from Iraq the Model. Bill Ardolino flew in from Fallujah and joined me at the 3rd Infantry Division headquarters at Camp Victory to conduct a video teleconference with the White House.

And our other Bill, Mr. Ardolino

President Bush met with a group bloggers today in an almost hour-long discussion of the war on terror. Eight individuals attended the meeting at the White House, while Bill Roggio and I video conferenced in from Camp Victory in Baghdad. Bush commenced the event with his oft-stated thoughts on the overall importance and strategies in various fronts of the war, with a focus on Iraq and Afghanistan, and then opened up the format to questions and discussion. My question focused on how national political reconciliation will affect progress in the Anbar Province and Fallujah specifically, and the President's answer honestly surprised me in its length, level of detail and grasp of events on the ground.

Not to mention the Armorer Mr. Donovan

Today, the Armorer and a group of milbloggers participated in a tiny bit of history.

We got to meet the President of the United States.  And talk with him for an hour.

He has a brilliant picture as well.

I got quite a few links yesterday for my petitioning of the gubmint. Well today it got even better, Some Soldier's Mom pointed it out in the comments, Michelle Malkin mentioned your humble narrator by name on FAUX News. She has strong Kung Fu for such a tiny lady and she used it on the MoveOn/NYT fandango. At the end she is asked about the discount and mentions that I had filed a complaint and shouted out Blackfive.net. I was gonna say muchas gracias, but then I remembered Geraldo says she hates brown people, which is weird if you go watch the segment at Hot Air. Maybe it's self-loathing.