UPDATE: SF Snipers in trouble???? For What????
Does SOCOM have Spec Ops troop's backs?

B5 TV- Hatin' on Halliburton at the UW

I live in Madison because I like the entertainment opportunities and today one of my favorites was in play, a student protest. They kindly scheduled for right after they got up, or lunch for the rest of us. I saddled up and headed up Bascom Hill to watch the gathering and then the assault to drive Halliburton's recruiters from a sacred engineering job fair. It was weaker than I had hoped and that idiot at U of Florida made sure that nobody was getting tased today but I will give them credit for a good effort. They pretty much shut down the Halliburton booth for an hour and a half and they didn't get drug out by their dreads or pepper sprayed at all. I ran into my old buddy Dave the 9/11 Truther again; he was branching out. And I also met an anarchic Students for a Democratic Society young lady who knew me from my PRing Miles my favorite freelance anarchist. I had a nice talk with her as well. First time I've ever thought a girl in a bandanna mask was cute, hmmmmm.

I go back to my theme about who interacts with the other side mo' bettah, and I think every time we stand and talk we win. So here was my day with my local, free range moonbats God love 'em.