Falcon on Station
Combat Medic on Patrol

Apache Vs. Boat

Pilots from 1-3 Attack Aviation (Operation Marne Torch II) spotted a boat with three suspected insurgents aboard.  You'll see two of the suspects jump from the boat while the third rows furiously to get away from the Apache and then starts dumping some of the gear into the Tigris.  Not long after, the third suspect jumps and tries to hide under some trees along a bank on the Tigris River.  The Apache gets a close up of the gear in the boat, gets the okay to fire it up, shoots 60 rounds, and then watch the secondary explosions.  This occurred on September 19th.


Update: Earlier that day the pilots of 1-3 found a VBIED...I'll post that video after the Jump so you can see what happens with "Apache vs. Car (bomb)".

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