"Hello, Juba? This is Hell calling....What?...Virgins?...Oh, no. We're calling to schedule your pineapple fitting."
Live Blogging the Terrorist Speech at Columbia

Ahm-a-nuttah-job speech

NEWSFLASH: NO HOMOSEXUALS IN IRAN. Deranged dwarf wonders where this silly rumor got started, there is simply no man love in his country. This draws derisive laughter from gay Iranian kids and adults in audience.

Bollinger represented his sorry peers in academia better than expected, but you can't fix stupid. They believe that such as Mahmoud should be engaged, I guess that is one technique, but how do you engage with batshit crazy backed by the most virulent religious fanaticism currently in play?

I don't think you really can. But let's have a look at what Mahmoud is peddling.

He says that science is the light that flows from those whom the Allmighty has chosen to understand it. That nothing should come between the scholars and their channeling of the science of God and that some countries control their scientists for their own means.

Now he is accusing us of using our scientists against our own people to create fear and justify spying.

Jesus, now he has lapsed into post-modernists reconstruction BS that even the translator is having trouble spewing accurately.

Now we get some nuke talk, and he pulls the Hiroshima, Nagasaki card. And now some Depleted Uranium BS as well. Ah back to the abuse of science and scholars.

He has completely projected all of the evil shite they do in Iran about science and academia on to us. We don't allow our scientists to bask in the power of his God to lead their research to make the world perfect. Science is divine and must remain pure, so he wants a Religious/ God Science cult to rule all of us. What a complete freaking nuttah.

He believes he is an academic, so he answers as one. I would have to agree with him. He could teach at most of our schools. Now he is whining about the Palestinians, being slaughtered and tortured by the damned Jooooos. 60 years of neocon Zionist expansion.

Nuttah's two questions

How come I can't have a good study of Holocaust denial?

  sub question

    Why can't we chuck the Jews out of Palestine?

Now about our nukes, we are good friends with IAEA stooge, El Baradei and the rules say we can have nukes for peaceful power. We let him see what we want on inspections and he tells everyone we are peaceful power generators.

The state of Iranian Scholar/Nuttahs is solid and crazy as a shithouse rat.


NIce Boos, when he finally STFU.

Do you really want to throw the Jooos into the ocean?

I love Jews, we love everyone. We must allow the Palestinians vote to throw the Joos in the ocean

Bollinger stands up and throws a BS flag. Yes or No on the Jooos? Nuttah-job still tap dances.

Let the Palestinians freely choose to have a Jew free Palestine, so be it.

Next question. Will you stop supporting terrorists?

He goes for the Big Lie and says that Iran is a victim of terror, not a sponsor. Beautiful. Now we are the sponsors and the Kurds are the bad guys. And the idiots there just applauded.

Root causes alert, Root causes alert. Who supports terror, the major powers. Iran is too cultured to stoop to terrorism, Un freaking believable.

The only point Nuttah gets a win on is on Holocaust research. It's stupid to ban it and it gives this chump a single truth in a sea of deranged lunacy.

I am done, my meter is pegged. This man is an evil toad and an unconvincing liar.