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A real way to remember HEROES

Kingsley On this day of remembrance, I want to bring to your attention a site that you should bookmark, and read often.  This is a site that is recording the TRUE heroes of our great nation, wherever they have served.

WWW.HOMEOFHEROES.COM is a site that is gathering the information on ALL MoH recipients, those that have received the various service crosses (Navy Cross, etc) as well as the Silver Star.  A monumental task!

Mr. Doug Sterner, webmaster and cataloger extraodinaire, has been compiling the information to this site in order to record all of those valiant efforts our soldiers have put forth in name of freedom.  To ensure that no one is forgotten.  3500 MoH, and over 22,000 Silver Stars!  All to be compiled here.

There is a TON of information here, and not just on the valor awards.  Bookmark now.  This is a treasure of a site.

-Mr. Wolf