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Winning The Information War

In the comments to this post, chiropetra noted:

Yet clearly we have to respond. We are losing this battle and with it we are likely to lose the war. Someone has to stand up and fight back for America. The military can't fight on this battlefield. The government is hamstrung. Who's left?

There is an answer to that: Michael Yon, Michael Totten, Matt Sanchez, and -- most of all -- YOU!

It is you who make them possible, through your continuing financial support, which makes possible their long-term presence there.

It is you who can make much more possible: Wesley Morgan, Joe Talley, Bill Ardolino, David Tate, the Blackfive JSOTF-P embed, and myself. Shorter visits, but specific targets and a larger area can be covered. Each of us can only be at one place at any given time, so the more that are there, the more that can be covered.

To support this information war surge, Public Multimedia Inc. is attempting to raise $20,000 in the next three weeks. If you want to support a particular embed, simply note that it is for that person; or, you can note that it is for the Blackfive embeds. Personally, I would like to see the $20,000 not just raised, but exceeded so that other embeds can get out there as quickly as possible.

Tankerbrosbrat nailed it:

"Who's left?" Why, the bloggers of course..Just Sayin'...

We are stepping forward, because it is time and past time for this surge to take place. But, we can't do it without your help.

OldSoldier54 correctly points out:

I also believe the counter battery fire from the Milblogs and others like Mike Yon, Bill Roggio, Iraq the Model, etc has been increasing in density. And folks are starting to notice.

People are starting to notice, for good and for ill. The shape of the information battlefield is changing, and you can see from some of the trolls here and elsewhere that an effort to push back is underway. Yet, the pushback is because such efforts are being successful. Detailed, honest coverage is there, and it is getting notice. We just need more.

What happens now is up to you. Please, please, please continue to donate to those doing excellent long-term coverage. And, I ask you to step up and help us mount the surge. Donate right now to the PMI fundraising effort The right boots on the ground are important to much more than COIN. Help us get more informational boots on the ground.

Also, take the time to make a donation to Soldier's Angels. The Team Blackfive embeds are honored to represent this wonderful organization on our travels. Their support for our troops, and our embeds, can't be overstated. Help them to help others.

On a side note, I plan to start writing soon about preparing for my embed at my site. The mundane, the humorous, the serious -- even training via bison calf sprints -- will be there. Also, if you made a donation directly to me at my site, my thanks to each of you once again. If you did not get a personal thank you, drop me a line as it means your donation did not reach me for some reason. If you donated directly to PMI, I don't have your contact information, but you do have my sincere thanks.

Who's left? You are. Your support is essential to keeping people in the field, and to our surge. With continued support, we can do more: more people, more trips, more coverage.

Please step forward. What happens now really is up to you.