Request for Information: USFK / DPRK
Coasties Kick Ass

Why are we letting Iran shell Iraq?

Can someone explain to me why we would allow the Iranians to fire artillery into Iraq for any reason at all?

Bueller? Anyone? They are shelling villages they say are harboring Kurdish guerrillas who are thying to secede from Iran. That's nice, but you can't shoot into Iraq? Or if you keep it up you might start hearing some strange unexplained explosions at the bases where you have been outfitting the punks who are killing my friends.

Why don't we just move an Arty unit with counter-battery capability up there, and the next time they try it we will have radar proof. Plus we will get to enjoy blowing their guns up, pluses all around in my book.

News about a fiesta in Vegas, Blog World Expo is kicking off Nov. 7th thru 9th with the following industry luminaries participating. More important than industry bigwigs is the Milblog track where titans of the milblogosphere will bestride the Vegas Convention Center like Colossi.

I just received the latest info from Andi and the folks at This is an all star lineup. The panelists will include Matt and Uncle Jimbo from Black Five, John Noonan from Op-for, Tim Boggs, and many more.

Michael Yon has agreed to do a live video feed from Iraq (as long as we can get the technology to work).

You have to hear MAJ Chuck Ziegenfuss tell the story about how Project Valour-IT run by the amazing ladies at Soldiers Angels was created after MAJ Ziegenfuss suffered wounds to his hands in Iraq.

This event is open to anyone who thinks blogs are interesting and lots of interesting new ideas will get made up and then implemented. I go in a dual role, obviously the Milblog thing is very cool, but I am also Dir. of BD for Pajamas Media and will be meeting with many people about our amazing network and products like our syndicated online wire service, which will feature content from PJ Media blogs on major sites right next to AP syndicated content. Take that dino media. Anyhow if anyone has questions about this let me know, everything is on the table.