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UN rides to the rescue in Baghdad

From the WaPo

UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 7 -- The United Nations has offered to bolster its presence in Baghdad for the first time in more than three years, laying the groundwork for a more ambitious role in mediating the country's sectarian disputes.

It really took me a bit to get past the sinking feeling in my gut whenever I contemplate the UN helping with anything. I have far too many first hand experiences with UN help to consider it even a net positive thing. But in Iraq, they would serve a purpose almost no other group could. Our loyal opposition has shown they are willing to take a victory from our troops and abandon the Iraqi people to a genocidal civil war, but will they throw the UN under the bus?

I don't think so, and that will make the greatest irony of my life. If the UN makes it impossible for the Dems to surrender, I will be watching for lightning bolts, hellfire and all matter of damned nations. In all honesty this is exactly what you would hope they would do, and while I am skeptical I think it is another sign of the Resurgence of the Surge. The left tried an ill-advised pre-emptive attack trying to end the war and denying any progress has been made. It was obvious they were making a political play and that disgusts most Americans. The UN, in a perfect world ought to be the next step.

Now the UN expects to operate in the style they are accustomed to and in Baghdad you do need a serious hooch, so.

The United Nations is also seeking $130 million in funds to build a heavily reinforced compound in Baghdad to house its growing mission.

OK fine guys, maybe if we give you a secure compound then small children will be able to safely walk around...outside your wire. But believe me, I am not going to begrudge the UN their share of credit even if it's just for showing up. That matters and since the security situation is where the progress was needed and made, it's time for some of that political deal-making. Well I am constantly reminded that we should be using the tremendous diplomatic skills of the UN. Then let's get some formalized lying in formal wear going, Game On!