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The Worst Military Recruiting Commercials Of All Time

So in a chat with the Donovan, Cass, and Carrie about some inter-service rivalries, I went and dug up some old USMC recruiting commercials that made me laugh (it was very effective at recruiting Dungeons & Dragons players for the US Marines)...If you need a lava monster killed, call in the Marines:

And...the Maze:

Of course, the Army has no room to talk when it comes to the commercials from the 80s and 90s (lame with some latent tendencies...).

I'll end this post with the most awesome US Army Commercials of all time...via the Family Guy ("Your experience may differ"):

And the Simpsons (Skinner was SF):

If you can find some old recruiting commercials, put the links in the comments.  I tried finding the Airborne one where "we do more before 9am, blah, blah, blah" with the sergeant who says "Morning First Sergeant" (and then was actually bounced out for drug abuse).