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Soldier from Kos fiesta quotes Petraeus

In a great example of new media showing it's strength covering a new media event, PJ Media again gets an exclusive when Rick Moran spoke with him yesterday as he returned in civilian clothes.

When Sergeant David D. Aguina stepped up to the microphone at the YearlyKos forum on the panel on “The Military and Progressives: Are they that Different?” and began to quietly rebut many of the points that had been made about the failure of “The Surge,” he knew he wouldn’t have an easy time of it. That is why he prepared a four-inch thick loose leaf binder full of charts, graphs, releases from the Department of Defense, the State Department, and Central Command, as well as articles from the mainstream media.

But for all his preparation, he was still taken by surprise when one of the panelists, John Soltz, founder of the anti-war group Votevets.Org, took him to task and silenced him on the grounds that Aguina was wearing his uniform while expressing his political opinions.

“Technically, he was right,” Aguina concedes. “He is a commissioned officer in the army and I follow the rules. I will respect his authority which is why today, I came in civilian uniform.”

Sgt. Aguina quoted Gen. Petraeus when asked why he went into the fever swamps "This is part of the battlefield." Amen brother amen. That is a theme we need to focus on. This country managed to have a war-like footing for a bit right after 9/11, but normality here has gone almost completely undisturbed. The public has not felt any sacrifice as a whole, but they have been subjected to the relentless drumbeat of doom put out by the media.

There are quite a few folks working on that message and reminding people we can lose this war if we let Congress play politics with it. The Democrats have been at it for a while, and they failed at their recent attempt at surrender, but Sept is their next chance and we have to remind them and the people they represent that a vote for retreat now steals defeat from the first real good chance at victory we have had.

Check in with Vets for Freedom as they continue their 10 Weeks to Testimony. They have another Troops on the Hill event scheduled for Sept. 17/18 and I am going to be there and I encourage others as well to show up. I refuse to let political weasels stab our troops in the back. So they will get the full-on Uncle J treatment. Hey I may need to do a Press Conference.

Move America Forward
has a Caravan trekking across the hole country arriving Sept 15 in DC. Debbie Lee got to talk about the tribute Faith Hill & Tim McGraw gave to her son Marc Lee, the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq on the one year anniversary of his death.

Just thought you might like to hear the interview that I did yesterday
with the country station US 95.7 from San Diego about Marc and the honors
given to him at the Tim McGraw concert. Go to   
http://www.us957.com/pages/tonykris.html    FeelGoodCountry, then go to

Stuff you missed and scroll down to Aug 3rd and you will see the
picture from the ACMA. Click on the speaker and remember our hero! Thank you
all for your support and prayers as we remembered Marc on the 1 year
anniversary of his death 8-2-06.

This is the battlefield and the fight is to stop the shameful attempts by the Democrats to stamp out the hope all honest observers have noted. Well.....Game On!