Monday Dead Tangos & Expired Equines
US, French & United Nations victorious in Iraq

READ. It. Now. And read Who our real enemies are...

Memorial20day20salute200019oq If you haven't yet had a chance to read the book on The One, Lone Survivor (Little, Brown) you should READ IT NOW.  Because as the Blackfive team writes here often, the coming debate/firestorm over the Iraq assessment is going to be a real churner.  I have just read this book, in one night, and want to highlight some passages you may not have heard covered in other places...

This was not easy to read in some places.

Illustration_kramerstudiodotcom The heroics, sacrifice, and honor of these men is well-covered (and deserved!) by hundreds of sites and bloggers.  But what I've not seen covered as well is what led them to their situation:

Our own stupid, traitorous, godforsaken media.  (May you all rot in hell)

After reading a few passages in Lone Survivor that key on this impact, it becomes abundantly clear that if these men, who are THE HIGHEST TRAINED IN THE WORLD in what they do, are impacted by it, what chance do our troops have in other situations? 

Was I afraid of these guys [villagers]?  No.  Was I afraid of their possible buddies in the Taliban?  No.  Was I afraid of the liberal media back in the U.S.A.?

I cannot imagine, given that I'm not SPECOPS, what would have to go thru your mind when you are on a mission such as this, and you fear nothing but what might be written about your mission or its outcome, and that influences whether or not your mission is successful, and does away with the bad guys?

To our media-  F*** You.  May you all rot in hell for your traitorous actions.

...some [effing] story comes out about...murdered Afghan goatherds...which reads, 'Navy SEALS UNDER SUSPCION'...

They could not even follow their training, the MILITARY actions that needed done, to serve the greater good.  All because some wank at NYT wants to beat up the military for doing their job.  An ugly, messy, necessary job.  And don't give me that 'well, if they have to think about it, it must be wrong' because no matter WHAT they did, they were wrong.  And they died because of it.  And because we may be talking Iraq vs. Afghanistan doesn't mean anything, either.  Islamofascists/terrorists/insurgents in either place give us the same fight.

Faced with the murderous cutthroats of the Taliban, we are not fighting under the rules of Geneva IV Article 4.

No, they are not.  As he states further, these people will go farther, uglier, lower, to reach their goals of domination than our media/liberals are able to stomach; that is, until these guys show up on THEIR doorstep demanding they kowtow to Allah or face the blade.  ''They will take it to the limit, any time, any place, whatever it takes.  And they don't have rules of engagement.''  See pages 169 to 172 and 203 to 205.

What chaps me the most is that we place such fantastic warriors in such a place to face such missions, and they cannot make the right, necessary judgments not only because of the media, but their leadership will fail them.  Thats right.  Those that place them there, that need to watch their backs, will fail them.  Or, they perceive they will fail them- and thats just as bad.  I've written often of the loss of integrity in the officer's corps. 

I think you're going to see a bit more wrath from me than in usual previous posts.  I'm angry, frustrated, and looking for an outlet.  And getting more so every day.  I come home from theater looking for a break, and when I read/listen to the 'news' back here, my blood pressure goes up even further (as if it needs any assistance).

The book is a great read- it has a great look not only at the mission, but the training that they went thru at BUD/S to prepare them for such missions.  His sense of humor, duty, and service should inspire many others.

As for the rest of you MSM types out there, stay the hell out of my theater.  You'll get no harbor from me, for certain.  The more I read thru these passages, and realize what the influence was, the more upset, angered, and resentful towards the media I get.  I've heard from many Iraqi's and Kuwaiti's that say we should just completely remove the media from the theater.  I've had just those conversations back in the day with leadership of MNF-I.  But, we realized (rightly) that it's an Iraqi call- if the Iraqi's want to remove all the media, I wouldn't slow them down.   As long as they STARTED with NYT and al Jazeera- on the same flight out.  I think I may start a new trend- when mentioning MSM entities, I'm going to emulate what the Islamic media does when referring to Allah- they usually put in parenthesis (PBUH).  I'm going to put MYRIH.  NYT (MYRIH).  CNN (MYRIH).  A new 'honorific' for them.

I've not posted in a while, I've been trying to focus on where/what my tone should be- and how best to do it.  I think I've found my muse again...