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Let Beauchamp Get Back To The War

This whole Beauchamp thing should be over soon.  When the time comes, I say let the Private get back to winning the war.  I've known a few sh!tbirds in my day that became decent NCOs.  Not holding my breath on that, but stranger things have happened.

When we learned of the official investigation, Grim advised that we go silent in order to be fair to Beauchamp and the Army.  With regards to our sources and information that we had, we did go silent specifically on the facts of the case. 

Now, it appears that Beauchamp signed a statement that he was lying and exagerating (more than a week ago) when he wrote those posts for the New Republic.  The New Republic was defending his stories even as he signed his statement.  Will this be the final nail in the coffin of a major journal for the Left?  Maybe.

In the end, I prefer Reverend McNellis's view that I linked to yesterday.  Let Beauchamp take his punishment (if any), be a Soldier, and get on with his commitment to the Army.  Either he'll turn himself around during this moment of truth or he'll still be an @$$hole...and he can't get much worse, can he?

So where are we?  Since there is not enough time, I will sum up the left's reaction:

At first when the story broke, Sadly No! specifically linked to Blackfive as a digital lynch mob.  Then, DDay at Daily Kos says that, because raping and pillaging happens in war, that Beauchamp must be telling the truth.  Matthew Yglesias wanted us to apologize. And, because I can't say anything nicer on this PG13 blog, Jon Swift is no daisy at all.

A few have responded and, at this time, Sadly No! portrays Michelle Malkin lovingly as Mao and John Cole was right because he says so (and we're still chickenhawks).

Finally, emails, Comments and blog posts abounded questioning our support of the troops by going after Beauchamp.  Personally, if any blogger wants to take up a challenge on who supports the troops more (military bloggers versus any other blogger or group of bloggers) - financially, with equipment, sending letters and packages and armor, about health issues, PTSD, TBI, you name your battlefield - I'd like to take that bet.  In fact, I'd like to lose that bet because that would mean that you are spending an awful lot of resources supporting the troops.  Donate to Soldiers Angels and prove me wrong.

But I won't hold my breath on that.  At least you all are beginning to be honest about your views.

You other left-wing lot, hating us, ridiculing us, whatever - go ahead, I don't want your respect.  Give it to John Kerry and Jane Fonda.  They deserve it.

And that's as nice as I can be on a PG13 blog.

Now, let Private (E-1 now?) Scott Thomas Beauchamp get back to the war.

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