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PMI embed Wesley Morgan reports on classic COIN

We have the privilege of knowing most of the top embeds and deployed bloggers and I believe we are about to add another name to the must read list. Wesley Morgan, who is currently embedded in Iraq. Wes writes for The Daily Princetonian and was invited to embed in Iraq by Gen. David Petraeus. His assignment in Iraq is sponsored and financed by Public Multimedia Inc. PMI is Bill Roggio's Non-profit devoted to equipping, insuring and deploying bloggers to conflict zones around the world. Wesley's first report is in and it is refreshingly well-researched and written. This is what should be published in The Atlantic Monthly and other publications purporting to inform our cultural elite. It is informative, educational and still entertaining.

In the tactical operations center here on Forward Operating Base Union III, a huge poster is emblazoned with the slogan “Army Strong – Cav Tough.” From what I’ve seen in the past few days as I’ve lived and ridden with the Stryker cavalry Task Force based here, called Task Force Warhorse, that slogan is true enough, but could just as well read “Army Strong – Cav Smart.” This unit – two cavalry troops and an infantry company, headquartered by the 1st Squadron, 14th Cavalry – has been in three different areas of operations in the past year and has been engaged in an enormous spectrum of operations, from neighborhood cleanup to a multiple-day, full-squadron assault on enemy positions.

Just go read it, you'll finish up smarter. It's like the opposite of a Billy Arkin piece.

More important news on the embed front, and I hope I'm not scooping Matty, but we can double up on the good stuff. Friend of B5 Bradley Patty is about to embark on a B5/PMI sponsored trip to the Philippines, where he will spend some time with a Joint Task Force made up mostly of members of my old unit 1st Special Forces Group. I know two folks who are currently there that I really hope he can hook up with. Our own Laughing Wolf is trying on boots himself.

This is part of an ongoing push here at Blackfive to become the source for news from the most trusted sources around. Us and them like us, damn few of 'em and most of them dead. (movie ref?)