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UPDATE: Several folks our own Matty O'Blackfive included say he was not violating regulations. he knows better than me.

I would love to be wrong about the sergeaant being wrong for being in uniform. I think it was a bad idea, an Army ball cap and T-shirt would have been a better choice. But that makes Soltz even more of a wanking device. He would have hated me so very much as I, shockingly, specialized in traumatizing clowns like him.

Usually by adopting a flagrantly outrgeous uniform violation and then informing Soltz when he shows up to chew my ass that everything within a 10 ft radius of me is automatically classified and he better step back lest I have to violate him. Since I was generally armed in a gunslingerly fashion these officers never prevailed and I assume went back and abused some private at their own unit.



Uncle J

OK we all heard about the sergeant who stood up at yearly Kos and took the floor during a panel about the military and progressives. The panel leader was a bitchy little punk named John Stolz, a reserve Captain, who in the tone of anal-retentive pissant officers round the world tried to shut him down. Stolz' complaint was that the young sergeant was in uniform and that you are not allowed to make political statements while in uniform. Much as I dislike him personally he is 100% correct and the soldier was wrong and will probably face punishment from his unit. Even so, Stolz demonstrated all the traits that undoubtedly led most  of the troops in his unit to dislike him, and I find it unsurprising that he is an anti-war leader now.

Andrew Marcus of Pajamas Media was there covering the event and got a ton of excellent footage of the soldier speaking and some interchanges with Stolz and the sergeant afterwards. Stolz acts in character trying to shut down the video so he could berate the sergeant in private. Enjoy the vid.