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One more airborne and a podcast

In the flurry of posts yesterday somehow Matt missed the JumpMaster Dance which the LongTab SigO  pointed out to us.

And the Editor's podcast is up at Military.com


This week’s headlines have featured coverage of the shuttle Endeavor’s mission, particularly the issues surrounding the tiles damaged during ascent.  For insight and perspective I turn to my old friend, former A-6 driver and astronaut Bill Readdy.  During our conversation, Reads offers unique views on the Endeavor situation, NASA’s culture today, and where the organization might be headed tomorrow.

And UJ deals with the “Reckless Obama” syndrome in “A few minutes with Uncle Jimbo.”

Check out the show here. Feel free to enter the fray using the new “comments” feature too.

Cheers, Ward

Wow, I said something unkind about Cakeboy, I mean Obama. Shocker.