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Hhhmmm....Something Ain't Right

Obama- The Audacity of Dim

I promise to stop piling on Obama the second he drops out of the race admitting he is woefully under-qualified and plus all those questions he kept getting asked were really hard.

Barack Obama is a political creation custom-designed for his appealing appearance. he is fit, cute, and oh my god did you know he's African-American? Throw in reliably progressive lefty positions and you have the PC perfect storm. The only flaw in their cunning plan is that Obama is not the brightest bulb on the tree.

The question now is just how dim is Barack Obama and how did this fact escape his handlers in the Democratic Party? Since they began pushing Obama as the great cafe au lait hope, the assumption was that they had at least picked a bright person as their victim class flag bearer.

Apparently not, as his most recent bit of foreign policy brilliance shows vivdly. Kevin over at Pundit Review has more and the video of our prospective Commander in Chief.

Answering a question on how he would refocus U.S. troops out of Iraq to better fight terrorism, he said, "We've to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we're not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous pressure over there."

Really Senator, Air raiding villages and killing civilians, maybe our troops find some time to rape and pillage as well, oh wait you were saying they are over-extended so they probably just don't have time for the raping and pillaging. This follows right on the heels of his sad foreign policy speech where he attempted to cowboy up by threatening to invade Pakistan and hunt down Al Qaeda even if President Musharaf said no. And the left likes to call W a cowboy.

The problem with Obama is the same as with many on the anti-war side. They have all kinds of education and book learnin' and not 10 cents worth of common sense. Obama is just showing his foolishness more openly because he is so poorly spoken. That is another funny thing, Chris Rock does a bit about how white people were always talking in amazed tones about Colin Powell and how well spoken he was, " Of course he's well spoken you ignorant MF, he's an educated man, what did you expect him to sound like" Well like most people I assumed Obama was well-spoken since he seems to be the chosen tool of the Democrats, the Chosen One.

Well I hate to break it to you folks, but your savior is kind of a dumb ass. I mean if it was just the couple of truly outrageous slips I noted that would be pretty bad, but have you heard him try to speak without notes. Ouch, he wears out the uhs, ahs, and duhs struggling to produce a coherent thought that bears some relevance to what he was asked. George W has always caught a lot of well-deserved abuse for sounding like a fool, well late-night comics fear not, Obama promises to show a level of cluelessness W would be hard-pressed to match.

I get the feeling Obama has no knowledge of the military and national security beyond the time he watched John Wayne in Sands of Iwo Jima and it showed him man's inhumanity to man. Politicians are expected to expound on many topics and it is understandable that they would not be fully conversant on all of them, but the ignorance Obama has displayed on the single most important issue facing a potential President is astonishing.

Obama represents an excellent example of what happens in a race-conscious world like the left would have us live in. Is there any doubt that the only reason any of us know his name is that he is black(ish)? And before you accuse me of hating on light-skinned brothers, if I had to name someone with Obama's skin tone who I could support, I would take Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee over the empty suit from Illinois any day.

I can honestly say that of all the candidates from either side my choice is still firmly none of the above. I will probably support Fred Thompson just because he sounds like a President should sound, and I do actually like the policies he has been talking up. What worries me is the likelihood that we will have a Democrat in the White House and even sadder that Hillary Clinton looks like the least  of a pack of evils.

Download podcast_obama.mp3 audio file of me reading this piece in a Stephen Wright monotone, or not.