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My Op-Ed retort at Military.com

I have an Op Ed piece up at Military.com in response to one they posted yesterday from ret. CDR Jeff Huber. It was a weak hit piece on Gen. Petraeus and it was simply aimed to discredit him prior to his upcoming testimony, that chafed my cones so I fired of a retort which they were kind enough to post today. I gotta get a better head shot though. A little taste here, the rest here

I can understand a certain amount of skepticism about the President's ability and judgment in picking senior leaders, but in his most recent editorial, Jeff Huber seems to take that as license to cast aspersions on a truly accomplished man who may just be the right man in the right place at the right time.

Huber’s main point -- and I hesitate to call it a point -- seems to be that in spite of the praise heaped on Petraeus, he is overrated.

Huber writes, "Supporters of Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, hail him as our best and brightest military officer and one who knows how to conduct counter-insurgency warfare. His detractors seem of the opinion that the thing Petraeus knows how to do best is make himself look good."

I am virtually certain I could poll those who knew Cdr. Huber during his seagoing days and that some would say he was a very competent naval flight officer and some that he was useless. So? This type of weak character . . . I would leave it short of assassination . . . maybe character noogie-ing . . . is hardly a substantive look at the man or the mission.

Cdr Huber seems to have a fairly standard left liberal view about the war. It would really surprise many people to know the actual diversity of thought in the military community. I mean it goes all the way from informed and correct (me) to well...... Heh! Anyhow I still say the right hosts the only real diversity of thought and we do a much better job than the left of engaging opponents and their ideas, although I am not the best example of that, but the smackdowns are important too.

I also contributed a bit to the Editor's podcast over there which should be out later today on the Resurgence of the Surge.