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Monday Dead Tangos & Expired Equines

OK I admit it I can't get enough dead tangos. I just love watching them on gun tape footage getting ventilated or returned to their component molecules by a J-DAM. Sweet bliss, but reader Redc1c4 sends in a true masterpiece

I hardly know what to say other than Heh, or maybe I hate it when that happens, or a buh bye.

Even though I hear bones creaking as we keep kicking this dead horse, you should read Richard Miniter's account of L'affaire Beauchamp. I think I just heard Franklin Foer sobbing. He ought to be, because this piece shows just how completely he screwed the pooch on this. 10 seconds of due diligence and Beauchamp remains simply his unit's biggest crap weasel and The New Republic remains one of the few readable pubs on the left. Now they need to fire Foer to have even a shred of credibility.

Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee breaks the last remaining rib on said expired equine here. Heh, expired equine that's funny.