Haditha Marines exonerated
USS Grunion, on Eternal Patrol, Detected

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Matt & Uncle Jimbo,

Nathan Hubbard was killed on Wednesday in the Blackhawk crash.  He is the second in his family who gave his life for this Country.
Please see the article here

Clovis California is a very pro law enforcement pro military city in Central California.  This is truly a loss for not only the Hubbard family but also for the Community.

I hope that you will be able to spotlight the Hubbard Family on your Blog. 

Thank you for everything you do.

David E

Clovis, California

Thanks and condolences to the Hubbard Family. We will remember them with you.

The Soldier's Angels were doing some hero hob-nobbing as well as candidate watching at the VFW Convention.

Bob at Confederate Yankee is just bein' cruel to the "editors" over at TNR.

And to end on a laugh the Dissident Frogman,  a Frenchman who didn't get the cheese-eating surrender monkey memo, does a highlarious video teaching a course on ammunition and weapons to AFP regarding the  magic bullets pics. Remember AFP is Agence Frances Presse. He boomstick slaps 'em. Warning guns, bullets, cartridges, brass and a terrorist all make appearances. Vive le France as I have said before.