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Marine Barracks at Kings Bay named for Cpl. Dunham has the story:

The sweltering South Georgia heat and humidity could not keep more than 300 Marines, Sailors, family and guests from recognizing the sacrifice of Medal of Honor recipient Cpl. Jason Dunham at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay Aug. 17.

The Scio, N.Y. native who called Kings Bay home for two years when he was assigned to the Marine Corps Security Force Company, from 2001 to 2003, was honored during a barracks dedication ceremony in his name.

According to Kings Bay Marine Corps Security Force Company Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. Andrew Murray, by naming the barracks after Dunham it will guarantee his place in history and as a role model.

It looks like we have something on the order of forty posts that are either about Cpl. Dunham or discuss him in the comments, so rather than list them separately, I'll offer you the combined list courtesy of Google.  He's one who deserves a place in history.