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Major Jeff "Spanky" Peterson - Someone You Should Know

The Lone Survivor hit the New York Times Bestseller List.  And USAFR helicopter pilot, Major Jeff "Spanky" Peterson, gets featured in the last chapter during Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell's extraction out of Taliban held territory in Afghanistan.

Eggs sends this story from the Tuscon Citizen today:

War story: D-M pilot’s heroic Afghan rescue
Peterson played major role in 'Lone Survivor' rescue

Tucson Citizen

...He was coming down, though, with scant room to maneuver. The rotor kicked up dust from the ground. Now Peterson was blinded inside a swirling brown vortex.

Peterson's gunner and engineer could see the ground beneath him, but Peterson saw only brown. He started to drift toward the cliff wall that would shatter his rotor and bring his bird rolling down the mountain.

"Stop left!" he heard.

"Like a good pilot, I go hard right," he said, but his co-pilot anticipated this natural reaction and held his hand out so the control stick couldn't move too far to the right to send them over the cliff.

Then he saw something off in the distance with his night vision that looked like a "hanging plant." It gave him a fixed reference so he could descend.

"I'm committed now," he said. "That's when everything goes into slow motion."

He dropped down and his wheels hit the ground. He looked out his window and saw that he was less than 2 feet from the cliff.

He turned to yell at his engineer who spotted that side.

"Sir," the engineer said. "You didn't need to know that."...

Go read the whole article on "Spanky" and his crew.

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