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Kos plants centrist flag in the fever swamp

h/t LGF

One of the few positive political developments for the Republicans has been the rise and now dominance of Kos and the nutroots as the voice and arbiter of good for the Democrats. Markos actually believes that his collection of far-left activists and extremists is the moderate, reasonable center of the Democratic Party, Ha! Now given the attention he gets from the liberal media and the fawning by the presidential candidates it's easy to understand how he could get these delusions. Now don't take me wrong I respect what he has done with the usually un-herdable cats of the far left, but you have to live in that echo chamber of activist politics to believe that impeachment and immediate withdrawal from Iraq resonate with too many other Americans.

The Democrat candidates have been busy kow-towing to Kos and hoping that once they get to the general election he will undestand that they have to pander hard to the right to even regain sight of the center. They know that the nutroots platform is 100% unelectable, but they don't undestand Markos is changing the rules. His coup means that he will use his world class noise machine to hammer any Dem who steps out of progressive lock step. If anything he will redouble efforts to enforce orthodoxy on any nominee, and if they break ranks they can expect to get blistered.

So you go Markos, you hold the line at those progressive barricades. But do this as well. Take a count and when you finish up at about 15-25% of the electorate, how the hell are you going to win an election?