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Kev flips coin to decide Iraq or Madison

My buddy Kev has received an invitation to return to Iraq for a second tour, he is not under orders and would have to volunteer. He constantly seeks to shirk responsibility for his own existence, consequently it was killin' him to have to decide. He is once again sick of the Mad City and it's denizens, but he doesn't want to be the one to choose. So in a move he deems perfect nihilistic expression he will flip a coin tonight at midnight to decide should he stay or should he go. He bought the coin at Anaconda last trip and one side has a map of Iraq, the other a Green Bay Packers helmet, pretty easy distinction there eh? So we will drink and toast and holler and tell stories until the bell tolls then So Be It!. For those who missed it here is Kev announcing his (lack of a ) decision. The worst part is how happy he got once he had punted and it was off his shoulders, now it just aggravates everyone who knows him. The intro song, Just one fix, is a tribute to our good friend and degenerate junkie LST who died just about 4 years ago, this was his favorite song. Never trust a junkie. Your thoughts on Kev's decision-making process are invited.Warning language appropriate to the subject used.

Jim C took a page out of Grim's playbook and got an email drive together, this is easy so have at.


I was so impressed with your efforts a couple of months ago to get letters of support for our troops that I decided to give it a try myself. I’ve been in contact with the 1st Bt. 1st Marine regiment in Iraq, and they said that they could use the letters. Anyway, this is where I could use your help. I need some bloggers with big voices to plug this if we’re going to get the 1000 or so emails that we need to get one to each Marine in the unit. The email address is [email protected] I sure would appreciate all the help I can get with this.

Jim C
Thinking Right