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Blackfive TV- Airborne all the Way!

Blackfive TV- A Message for Congress about Victory & Defeat

I have been mucking about with video for a while, mostly trying different things. I have weak gear and no real talent, but I think some has been passable and the concept is valid. This will be the second installment of Blackfive TV and we are looking to raise our game up here. We have a couple of major sponsorship deals underway that may allow us to have some actual professional production done.

The first episode featured a Skype interview with CPT Eric Coulson of Badgers Forward, and a note on Skype do not use it on any DOD computer or network that is very forbidden. Use a cafe or your own machine as CPT C knew. Do send me your Skype name if you would be interested in talking.

The goal of Blackfive TV is to focus on the deployed and embedded bloggers reporting from where things are happening. We have several embed projects underway here and we want to present all those wonderful stories in a professional fashion and provide an alternative to the fair and unbiased "reporting" done by stringers for the AP etc. I think people are much more likely to trust Michael Yon, Michael Totten and Bill Roggio for a real look at what is going on.

So here is episode 2 where I deliver a lesson for Congress about attempts to create a loss out of a possible victory. We are also looking for an intro theme as I can't keep ripping off Rob Zombie. Matt thinks a cadence related theme would be cool, especially if it came in a very HEAVY song .