Hhhmmm....Something Ain't Right
Beauchamp's Little Venice story partly true

Hmmmm even less right.

From the previous post, reader Hoefer remembers and tracks down something veddy intahrezting

Someone help me out with this.  Wasn't there a similar picture about a month ago?  Some old lady's bed catching a couple rounds?

The photographer is the same guy, Wissam al-Okaili.

Here are the two pics and it sure looks like the same lady, and the same idiotic claim. Heh.


AFP/YahooNews Caption: Tuesday August 14, 2007: An elderly Iraqi woman shows two bullets which she says hit her house following an early coalition forces raid in the predominantly Shiite Baghdad suburb of Sadr City. At least 175 people were slaughtered on Tuesday and more than 200 wounded when four suicide truck bombs targeted people from an ancient religious sect in northern Iraq, officials said.(AFP/Wissam al-Okaili)


Anyone know the photog or official agency and caption for this one? Something like "Lady finds bullets embedded in the wall of her peaceful home..."

Update:  Blackfive adding captions above, and busting in to add the third photo found by Gryph:


AP/YahooNews Caption: Umm Abdul Zahra holds spent ammunition she found near her home after an overnight raid by U.S. troops in the Shiite enclave of Sadr City in Baghdad, Iraq on Sunday, Aug. 12, 2007. Police and residents said U.S and Iraqi troops backed by helicopters raided the east Baghdad neighborhood on early Sunday, killing two people and wounding 4 others. The U.S. military said it was looking into the report. (AP Photo/ Karim Kadim)

Update 2:  Grimmy in the comments points out that this lady could be the ONE, the ONLY, Flat Fatima:


Go here for more info on how you can purchase your own Flat Fatima.  Reuters, AP and AFP APPROVED!!!