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FOX News v. Blackfive readers

Brash_fox This week we picked up a ton of traffic from two posts and while they were on completely different topics they had one thing in common. They were both tips from Blackfive readers. In the story of SSGT Dean, the slammin' Marine, we put up his video and later the same day FOX had it up on their home page. They have picked up stories from us on other occasions and actually it is a nice compliment, nicer if they'd throw a hat tip out. They followed up the video by asking who he was and if anyone could find him. The next day we got an email from a reader whose husband worked with the yet unknown SSGT. She said her husband had given him our info and he was finding out if he was allowed to talk to the press. Then we got another message saying we should coordinate with Cherry Point PAO in order to speak with him. I spoke with Mike Barton and he arranged a phone interview that was the first he gave to any media. I posted the interview and also introduced him by name, both legitimate scoops and thanks directly to the tips from a reader. So thanks again to her.

A day later FOX has this on their homepage, claiming Only on FOX. Yeah only on FOX the long since scooped story, minus even the bone toss of a link. Hmmmph.

Picture_2 Now Breitbart on the other hand had the same story and lo and behold right there is the due credit. How hard was that? The Drudge/Breitbart combo has dominated news coverage for a while. Would it hurt FOX to play nice with us.

The other story was about magic bullets and the return of Flat Fatima. In this case reader Hoefer, picked up on the name of the photog and came up with the other pics in her portfolio, all chock full of magic bullets. This was the first notice of another serial fauxtography incident.

Both of these were excellent journalism and will continue to push us up the food chain as new media takes a seat at the adults table. Kudos to our readership and everyone who has made Blackfive a force to be reckoned with. We promise to keep using this platform to fight back against the lies & deceit perpetrated by the left and their media mouthpieces.