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Exclusive Interview with Video-Making Marine

Update: Just in- Another co-worker of SSGT Dean's forwards his My Space page In deference to accuracy and at the request of many of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, I have added a T to the SSG in SSGT Dean's rank. Ooh rah, Eat the Apple......never mind. Semper Fi.

Most of you saw this video when we posted it earlier this week, and most of you wrote to say how wonderful it was. It contained many heartfelt sentiments about what being an American and an American fighting man means. The artist was unknown, until now. Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce you to SSGT Lawrence E. Dean II. A reader who may claim her kudos in the comments if she wants to, alerted us that SSgt Dean was the artist and he worked with her husband. She sent along B5 contact info and then let me know we needed to coordinate with the Cherry Point PAO and Mr. Mike Barton was very helpful and facilitated a phone interview w/ SSGT Dean. Here is the coolest thing, the piece is titled And She Called, well She is his Grandma and the piece is his explanation to her of why he would go to war. She inspired the video, but the reference in the video itself is about America calling. WOW! It was great to talk with him and I wish him the best in what could be a second career. Semper Fi!

Here is my interview with the Staff Sergeant Download InterviewSSGDean.mp3 FOX is looking for him, ABC is looking for him and the scoop goes to.........Blackfive. Woo Hoo.

And in case you didn't see it this is the video that will give you a chill or two.

UPDATE: Andy Denton who along with his brother Matt posted the video have also been in touch with SSGT Dean and have an alternate version of the piece here