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Drudge headline on Venice show's war horror film

The gargantuan headline at Drudge shouts, actually they just used al Reuters phrase, but everything looks so much bigger and louder on Drudge.


I gotta disagree, I don't think the film stunned anyone who was there. I think that the vast majority of those watching had long ago determined that Americans are base and that our jack-booted thugs rape, kill, pillage and burn all over the planet. Sadly they have us confused with UN "peacekeeping" troops. What it did was confirm their pre-conceived notions in a glorifyingly horrifying manner; they get to have their violence and condemn it as well.

I despise the scum who did this infinitely more than my "betters" in Venice because unlike them, I know the truth about our troops. The few that get the attention are vile, but they get the full crushing might of the military justice system and these vermin now make small rocks from large ones. The rest of our troops would better serve as ambassadors for what is good and right about America than every Brooks Brothers wearing weasel conducting formal lying in formal wear in our diplomatic corpse.

I have lived in both Europe and Asia for more than six years, I've been around the world twice and seen goats float in a boat. There ain't nothing you can tell me that will shock me. And I will take the good old USA over any of the other options on this, the crappiest planet I have ever lived on bar none. Just out of curiousity we have a huge waiting list of the planet's best and brightest signed up to immigrate here, how many folks are trying to get into Europe, aside from Muslims doing the leg work for the new Caliphate. Never mind I know the answer. Europe is cool because as comedian Eddie Izzard says "It's where the History comes from", but I care less than little what the Elite Euros think about us. Plus I figure Sarkozy and Merkel will forge a new pact soon since it's been a couple of generations since the Germans have marched on anybody, so they're due. They will scarf up the intellectuals and smarty arts farty type usual suspects just like clockwork.