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Calling All Angels!

With the Surge in full swing and fighting escalating in Afghanistan, there is a growing need to help our wounded, and the families of the wounded and the Fallen soldiers.  Soldiers' Angels is there for them and they need your help to keep providing support.  Funds are drying up.  Soldiers' Angels needs donations now.

If you can't donate cash, you can Adopt a Soldier or a Platoon of Soldiers, you can join one of the teams to help support our troops with your valuable time, donate your airmiles to help a soldier and his family reunite, donate your cell phone or even your car....I could go on and on.

If you've been around here for awhile you know how I feel about these people.  They need our help.  Here are some of the things that they do that you may not know about:

This is a request for a flight for a soldier injured in Germany:

...Situation was a soldier in Germany fell off a bridge landing on his head and is in very critical condition and not sure if he will survive or not.  He is currently at BAMC DC. He needed flights for the parents, which Fisher House wouldn't do because his injury didn't occur in Iraq or Afghanistan...so I went ahead and took care of that for him.  It was approximately $500 for each ticket and I did get travel insurance with it as well, given his status is so touch and go...

This is from a Major about a unit in Afghanistan:

...A unit was on patrol and was engaged by hostile fire.  The company commander was killed along with another soldier.  In the ensuing fight numerous other soldiers were wounded.  Two of those soldiers were medevac'd to Walter Reed.  One lost an eye and will continue to have corrective surgery for probably sometime.  The other had his leg shattered and will have a steel rod surgically implanted.  After the company commander was killed, the senior ranking officer became a young Lieutenant who had to make some quick decisions to save the lives of the rest of his young soldiers.  This Lieutenant was very good friends with the company commander.  The unit is based out of Germany, but the Lieutenant and the family of the deceased Captain are from the DC/Virginia area.  To make a long story short, the unit in Afghanistan sent the Lieutenant to the DC area to act as the unit representative. He departed with little guidance and no advance travel pay.  He paid for his own ticket to get from Dallas to DC.  He called this office from Ireland to seek guidance and incurred over 300 dollars in phone charges.  He is strapped for money at this time.  He also asked if there was anyway to possibly borrow some class A uniforms for the 2 soldiers at Walter Reed so that they could attend the graveside services of their company commander.  Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated not only by me, but by all of Americas Hero's...

Soldiers' Angels is also trying to get that Company Commander's family to the funeral at Arlington, too.

This is what the Soldiers' Angels do.  Anywhere, anytime, whatever the need is, they take care of our military family.

Yes, there are plenty of things our government could do better.  But you can sit around and listen to politicians whine about it and take care of their own self interests.  And while that happens you can be the one to make a difference.

Please donate now