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Bill Clinton bites dog

Update: The Editor's podcast is up at Military.com and Ward talks with Pete Hegseth from Vets for Freedom. Keep their Sept. 17/18 Troops on the Hill event in mind, I think they will have an infiltrator along with them, maybe two.

OK I think it is of vital national significance to note that Bill Clinton, noted truth teller, bold-faced lied about ordering the CIA to kill bin Laden. I was going to try an avoid piling on here, but as I'm writing this the voices in my head are getting pissed. I mean of course he lied, that's what Clintons do. It's about as significant as finding a dog enjoying a fine feast of feces. But what he lied about is just to important to blow off as another lecture on is from Slick Willy. He had a duty as Commander in Chief to do everything in his power to kill that SOB and he didn't do shite.

Does it matter now? Yes. Hillary Clinton is counting her tenure as First Lady as part of the experience that makes her more fit to run our lives for us than Obama. Well guess what Hilly, aside from the fact that your main function was hosting luncheons, you have to take the very bad with any good you can claim, and the Clinton record on counter-terrorism is shameful at best.

Any of our UK type readers (Mr. Sparkle etc.) check out this petition for postage free packages to deployed British troops.

And a correction, in discussing the passing of Gen. Downing I mentioned I thought a friend had taken his son skydiving. Since he doesn't have a son as his daughter Elizabeth was kind enough to point out. I was wrong and apologize for the misinfo.

Also take a look at what the Move America Forward folks are up to, they are fundraising for a caravan to DC to tell Congress the most important message "Support the Mission".