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Beauchamp's Little Venice in Baghdad

I just received a request from a journalist who is writing a piece on the Beauchamp affair with an interesting twist. Not relating to the twist this gentleman, who has been all around Baghdad, cannot recall any place that would fit Beauchamp's description of Little Venice  with waste deep sewage and children frolicking in the shite. Does anyone know of such a place that could be the kernel of truth for this bit of fabulism? Let me know if you have any ideas on this.

I have an Op-Ed up today at Military.com asking why we are not hearing from the Lummox ref the Haditha Marines.

The military has long been known as a very tight knit organization, a family, a Band of Brothers (and Sisters), and no group more so than the United States Marine Corps. They say you are never an ex-Marine only a former-Marine. Well if anyone has stretched that courtesy far beyond decency and perhaps past it's breaking point it is Rep. John Murtha, who once served as a Marine but most recently has taken up stabbing them in the back.

There was a widely reported incident in Haditha, Iraq where it was claimed a massacre was perpetrated by a group of Marines. There were widely conflicting stories regarding the situation, with the Marines claiming they were reacting to fire and the Iraqis claiming it was murder. I have studied this incident widely and based on my experience there is only one standard that determines whether the Marines were justified in taking the actions they did.

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