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Beauchamp's Little Venice story partly true

Not that I really wanted to give any more attention to the young dung beetle, but I did ask if anyone had info about his tale of a Little Venice in Baghdad where the streets ran waist-deep with shite and the children frolicked in the sewage. Like the rest of Beauchamp's fantasies this was based around a nugget of truth and then it was embellished with as much horror as Scotty thought it would need to match the narrative in his head. Reader/Blogger El Capitan took time away from surfing to post pics of the actual Little Venice as he saw it, a nice oasis in the city where the Euphrates flows through a set of canals and bridges and the kids feed ducks rather than dodging turds.

Littlevenice Thanks for posting these Cap'n, just another nail in young Beauchamp's coffin. Go take a look at all the pics.

Matt Sanchez (FGPS) has a cool video talking with a 13 yr. old Iraqi about life, the unverse and everything.

"Because they don't shoot at us"