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FORT LOGAN NATIONAL CEMETERY — They buried a sailor Monday. His name was Charles William Bean, but most of the homeless people who knew him called him Billy. Maybe his family would have called him that, too — if he'd had any family.

This is a very good piece from the Rocky Mountain News (story HERE ) about a sailor that passed this weekend with no family.  A Vietnam veteran, homeless, and they could not locate any family whatsoever.  A sad but moving piece.

UPDATE:   The Denver Post also has this as their lead story today; interesting that BOTH of them are running it this way.  It, too, is a very well-crafted piece (HERE).  It caps off with a great closing-

The TV and newspaper cameras were capped and packed. Bean's unremarked life had been transformed into a well-documented passing. In the end, someone noticed.

Bless the honor guard that volunteered and the chaplains that did the services.