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WSJ on the 10th Anniversary of the Blog

The WSJ profiled some world players and what blogs they read and why they think blogs are important.  BG Bergner is quoted at the end of his piece on military blogs:

...By no means do all military blogs paint a positive picture, nor should they. Each posting represents an individual's musings at a particular point in time. We are waging a historic fight against a ruthless enemy. It is also a campaign that historians will be able to learn more broadly about from anecdotes and insights in today's military blogs.

Favorite blogs: "Around here, folks like to read Small Wars Journal (http://smallwarsjournal.com/index.php), Blackfive (http://www.blackfive.net/) and The Mudville Gazette (http://www.mudvillegazette.com/)."

Mudville is my favorite.  Small Wars Journal is a phenomonal resource and should get a lot more attention than it receives.

I am going to create separate pages to list military blogs and resources. 

Resources - As I said, I think that Small Wars Journal is one of the best.  So is StratFor, The Fourth Rail, ThreatsWatch, The Tank, Strategy Page, CounterTerrorism Blog, DangerRoom, US Cav On Point, DefenseTech, The Captain's Journal, etc. for analysis and thought provoking pieces.

Combat Reporting - Michael Yon is the best at reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Michael J. Totten is great too for world blogging - his coverage of the Cedar Revolution was nothing short of brilliant.  Pat Dollard and J.D. Johannes rock.

Military Blogs - there's a few that I haven't pointed out to you.  Major Andrew Olmsted is blogging for the Rocky Mountain NewsHis own personal blog was one of the first on my blogroll.  There's a lot more to link to.  Some I haven't linked to yet because I don't know if they've registered with their chain of command and don't want to get them in trouble before getting the Blackfive-alanche.

Official Sites - RCT-6's blog is excellent.

Humor - Scrappleface, the Onion, Chris Muir, Cox & Forkum, IMAO, etc.

So, because this blog is about our community, I ask you readers to help.  I'm going to be building new pages (rather than sidebar lists) over the next week or so for "Military Blogs", "Resources", "Humor" and "Combat Reporting" (not military blogs, could be a mainstream media source or independent journalist)...put URLs in the Comments of those you think are valuable.  Will probably do pages for a Blogroll, Columnists, etc.