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Scott Thomas Bull

WHAT was Hillary Thinking?

Uncle Jimbo, in this post, talks about the junior senator from New York's request that the Pentagon provide her with information regarding the planning of troop withdrawls from Iraq.

Is it just me?? Or is that one of the supremely stupid things that one of our elected politicians has ever asked? On second thought, don't answer that question.

I'm reminded of that old Saturday Night Live skit, shortly after Desert Storm cranked up, of the Pentagon press conference.  You remember the one:

Reporter #1: What date are we going to start the ground attack?

90lbriefing Lt. Col. William Pierson: Well, as I mentioned a moment ago, there are certain sensitive areas which we are just not going to go into, and that is certainly one of them. Yes?

Reporter #2: Sir, knowing what you know, where would you say our forces are most vulnerable to attack, and how could the Iraqis best exploit those weaknesses?

Lt. Col. William Pierson: Well, again, this falls into the area of information that might be useful to the enemy, and I just can't divulge it right now.

Reporter #3: Sir! Which method of hiding SCUD missiles is working best for the Iraqis?

Lt. Col. William Pierson: Now, this again is a good example of information that could help the enemy, and I just can't answer that.

Reporter #4: I have a two-part question. Are we planning an amphibious invasion of Kuwait, and if so, where exactly will that be?

Defense Secretary Richard Cheney: Excuse me. If I could interrupt here, I just want to underscore what Colonely Pierson said at the start of Q&A. There are two general categories of questions that we are simply not going to be able to address. On, those that would give our enemy advance warning of our actions, and two, those that would identify any points of weakness or vulnerabilities to the Iraqi forces. So let's reopen the floor to questions.

Reporter #5: I understand that there are passwords that our troops use on the front lines. Could you give us some examples of those?

Lt. Col. William Pierson: No, that is something I really cannot comment on.

Reporter #6: Yeah! Are we planning an amphibious invasion of Kuwait? And if so, where?

Lt. Col. William Pierson: I believe that question was asked and if you recall, I already answered it, or said I could not answer.

Reporter #7: Sir, what woul dbe the one piece of information that would be most dangerous for the Iraqis to know?

Lt. Col. William Pierson: No can answer! I have time for two more questions. Yeah?

Reporter #8: Yes, Farud Hashami, Baghdad Times. Where are your troops, and can I go there and count them?

Lt. Col. William Pierson: Nope! Last question.

Reporter #9: Is there anything that you can tell us that would lower the morale of our fighting men?

You could add one more line:

Senator Clinton: What are the plans for our withdrawl?

The words irresponsible and politics come to mind, and is yet another example of how the left could really, honestly, truly care less about the war and about winning and about the troops and would rather score political points than achieve victory.

Photo courtesy Saturday Night Live transcripts