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US Soldiers Kill Reuters Employees Insurgents

Lots of you are sending this story about the recent clampdown on insurgents in Baghdad (including a mission to take down some Iraqi police who were key leaders of insurgent attacks in Baghdad).  In one engagement, 9 Iraqis were killed and 2 of them others killed were Reuters employees. I'm not connecting the dots here...yet.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. soldiers killed at least six Iraqi policemen and seven suspected militants during a dawn raid in east Baghdad on Friday to arrest an Iraqi police lieutenant accused of militant links, the U.S. military said.

A U.S. war plane made an air strike during the fighting after U.S. soldiers were attacked with "heavy and accurate" gunfire from an Iraqi police checkpoint, rooftops and a nearby church, the military said in a statement.

The police lieutenant was detained in the raid. The U.S. said he was suspected of planning roadside bomb and mortar attacks on U.S. forces, and of close ties with Iranians accused by Washington of fomenting violence in Iraq.

U.S. and Iraqi forces have launched a major clampdown in Baghdad to try to thwart sectarian violence between minority Sunni and majority Shiite Arabs.

Sixteen people were killed, including a photographer and driver working for Reuters, during a U.S. operation in the east Baghdad district of Al-Amen on Thursday, Iraqi police said. The U.S. military said nine insurgents and two civilians employed by Reuters died in that incident.

The U.S. military also said its soldiers had detained over 100 suspected militants in raids in southern Baghdad since the start of the month.

The AP says:

...Friday's raid came amid a nearly month-old security crackdown in Baghdad by U.S. forces targeting Shiite militias and Sunni insurgents. A day earlier, U.S. troops battled militiamen in east Baghdad's Amin district in a fight the military said killed nine insurgents and two civilians — both Iraqi employees of the London-based Reuters news agency...

Update: Apparently, there are reports that the Iraqis were in a vehicle with wounded people.