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LOS ANGELES -- Jim Hanson, blogger with – the top military blog, has joined Pajamas Media as an advertising and marketing executive and will also join the Pajamas Media network of bloggers.  Hanson, who blogs under the name Uncle Jimbo, writes about the military, politics, intelligence operations and foreign policy. 

"I joined Pajamas Media because I believe the content of the network blogs is as good, or better, than major media sites and our demographic is an advertiser's delight," Hanson said.

Hanson took early retirement from Army Special Forces in 1996 after a career that took him to two dozen countries. He has since worked in executive search for the defense industry and selling online advertising for the newspaper website with the highest market share in America. He writes for the top military blog on national security issues.

The inclusion of into the Pajamas Media network of bloggers takes PJM to an emerging audience of military supporters in the blogosphere.

"We're very excited about this new partnership with Jim Hanson and," said Pajamas Media CEO and co-founder Roger L. Simon. "As the top military blog, Jim Hanson and the team at Blackfive will bring a whole new audience to Pajamas Media. It is partnerships like this that make our news blog so appealing to readers of all political and ideological stripes."

About Pajamas Media:

Pajamas Media, an online media company, provides coverage and thoughtful analysis and commentary of issues of the day through their network of over ninety worldwide bloggers and through original stories, podcasts and videos.  

For those who don't folow the ins and outs of the blogosphere, Pajamas Media is a network of many of the finest blogs including Instapundit, Little Green Footballs, Michelle Malkin's two sites and a host of others. PJM functions similar to a wire service, providing original reporting, commentary and analysis on major issues of the day. The Pajamas Media portal features blogs from media titans such as Michael Ledeen and Victor Davis Hanson from National Review and Claudia Rossett from Opinion Journal. PJM produces original video shows, podcasts and plenty of quality blog content.

I will be selling advertising and making sponsorship deals ensuring that all bloggers  receive the satchels of cash they so richly deserve. The quote from me in the release accurately reflects my feelings about the quality of writing on our many blogs. My job will be to educate advertisers about that as well as the  excellent audience like the one here at Blackfive. The demographics for PJM show a highly educated and prosperous readership and one that should command the same rates as dinosaur media outlets.

Blackfive as a site will be joining PJM once the site redesign is finished and we look forward to helping build a whole new type of media. There will be more news about our partnership with Bill Roggio to embed bloggers with our troops including our first effort which will send a friend of B5 to the Philippines with the Special Ops Task Force, the first time anyone has embedded with our Special Forces. Read more here and donate if you want to help.

So, Game on! If anyone has questions about the network, advertising or my scheme for global domination & world peace drop me a line. jimbo AT