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Time Magazine - Soviet Gunship Steals the Letter "A"

Got this message from reader John S. about this week's cover of Time:

Hey guys

Was wondering if you'd had a chance to see the latest cover of TIME Magazine about a US withdrawal from Iraq. It's all nice and sentimental from a liberal perspective...a graphic of a helo lifting off the "A," which is covered in a US flag motif, from the word "IRAQ." Story at:,8599,1644877,00.html

Great imagery to match the fall of Saigon, right?  But look closely at the silhouette of the chopper. It's a Soviet-era Mi-24 "Hind" gunship!!!!!!! It was no doubt stock clip art dropped in by some person in their art department who wouldn't know an M-16 from an F-16, but nice Freudian touch, TIME!!!!

Yes, I suppose it is somewhat fitting that a leading US media outlet would depict a Communist chopper hoisting the American flag out. But I still giggled.

Keep up the great work, and thank you for your service...


For posterity and your own opinions, here is the picture in question: