Blogger's Roundtable: Ooh-Rah! Edition
John Kerry - "There was not a massive blood bath in Vietnam"

Daily Kos - RE: our military- "I think they’re a bunch of idiots. I also think they’re morally retarded."

Bust Their Chops Day Part I

The Daily Kos is on the attack and the Democrats are going to court them at the Yearly Kos here in Chicago...

First, this is from A Whitney Brown at Daily Kos.  It's intended to be satirical but it is definitely in line with the writing of the author(s), Markos Moulitsas "Screw Them" Zúniga (a former soldier), and the readers at Kos.  And the Democrats love 'em.  A special ops soldier in Iraq sent this video.   Don't watch if you have high blood pressure (it is from the Kossacks, after all):

Yep.  This is who the Democrats need to fund their primaries before they move back to the center for the general election.  Here's a quote from AWB in the comments:

Every man must take responsibility for who he kills, is what I think. And who he helps to kill. This is a radical notion, I know, and if everyone believed this way, we would only be able to field troops after someone had actually attacked us. I also don't believe the Communist threat was an existential one. The Russians never planned to invade the US, and therefore, I never felt compelled to fight them. Since I don't think they were a threat to me, and neither were the Viet Cong, I don't really feel any gratitude to the military for 'protecting' me from the Commie hordes. I have nothing against you for serving, everyone gets through life the way they can, but I don't owe you anything either. The same with the troops today. I don't owe them anything, because frankly I'd rather have the money they're costing than the 'protection' they are providing. No one is going to attack the US, and if they did, I'm capable of defending my own home against them, thanks.

Words cannot describe the short-sightedness that is AWB.

One commenter had a friend in Iraq who was open-minded about the AWB diatribe:

...Your diatribe is dishonest because it ascribes evil motive and intent to one party (the US military) without evidence or proof while ignoring the empirical evidence of evil motive and intent given to us every day by Al-Qaeda and the other fascists we fight, people who deliberately target civilians. It also attacks the military strategy we’ve enacted to oppose the fascists without offering an alternative, which I see as the greatest flaw of the anti-war movement.

But I like the fact you’re honestly anti-military. I respect an open opponent more than one who pretends to embrace me only to hide the raising of the knife.

At least they're honest?  Maybe.

A reader in Iraq also saw the video this morning:

...My unit interrupted a plot to conduct a suicide attack on Iraqi and American [forces].  Had these attacks been conducted, there would likely have been hundreds of Iraqi and American lives lost and this POS smugly sits behind his desk running his mouth about how many Iraqi children are being killed by CF here in Iraq.  If he only knew the lengths to which we go to avoid exactly that and in so doing allowing the real butchers of children to get away from us time and time again.  The terrorists have seized the houses of innocent Iraqis in order to use them as human shields.  Consequently, us cowards will be forced to take down these targets on the ground risking not only our lives, but our underwear as well.  I would like an explanation from this douchebag about my moral retardation and how that and my fat family at home are a burden to his delicate conscience not to mention his paycheck...

Hmmm.  Wonder if Jimbo is gonna put up a video response?  Hope so.

So, is this high jest in bad taste or is finally someone on the left telling the truth about how they feel?

If you're in Iraq or Afghanistan and want to publish a response, email me.