The New Republic's Correspondent a Fake?
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The unavoidable BS at The New Republic

OK so TNR has an anonymous clown doing the Platoon effect to the Iraq War. My Dad did two tours in Vietnam and when he eventually saw it he was deeply moved, Stone is a great film maker. But he also said , more or less, "Jesus Christ did he have to cram every cliche about the war in one movie?".

Actually I always thought of him when they got over run and the Commander knew it was over. He made the call that only a soldier can understand, telling them to fire on his position because that's where the enemy was.

'Dump everything you've got on my pos, I say again: expand all remaining in my perimeter! It's a been lovely f***ing war, Bravo Six out'

Now about this particular back stabber, I sincerely doubt that the incidents described all happened in his world as he tells them. And yes that means I'm callling him a liar, BUTT!

The foul things he describes as being said, are said. The reprehensible words and acts happen and they are often ignored rather than confronted. Same as they are around the freakin' entire planet including wherever you work. This is the crappiest planet I have ever lived on, bar none, and I have run into far too few decent people, and I've been around he world twice and seen goats float in a boat.

Are there asshats who would mock the burns of a better person than themselves in the Army? Yes, and like I said, look around your glass house for haters before you talk trash about the miltary's.

And I'm not saying this is widespread or openly tolerated, but cherry pick the biggest scum bags in any unit, quote them and you can create the jack-booted thugs TNR and their helpful propagandist desired. Do you really want me spending time detailing the dumbest s**t some idiot who loads trucks for your company had to say? I didn't think so.

I figger he probably has told the truth on one of these, and then done some military mything on the others. Now if that chafes his cones, he is always welcome to take that up with me. I actually exist.