COIN: In Which Grim Begins to Get Irritated
Sr. Airman's Condition Upgraded

The Surge Against the Surge & I was wrong on Rumsfeld

First I will state that I had the highest hopes for Sec. Rumsfeld, and I credit highly his work on transformation and his work ethic. But he missed the most important aspect of post "Mission Accomplished" Iraq. We faced an insurgency for almost two years without enacting a counter-insurgency doctrine. That was his choice and he was wrong, as was I once I recognized the insurgency and continued to support him and the policy of "Iraqification". This has set us behind with the tactics and doctrine we should have employed then, and the other side is trying frantically to lose this before the surge works.

I hear from many folks more informed than the defeatists daily, and they are having trouble ducking success. We are only losing the information war, so tighten up your shot groups and saddle up, Game on eh?


Oh and there is no prompter, I'm riffin'.