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Scott Thomas Bull

A bit late, but I thought I would add a few more words and one more bit of fabric to the already high pile of bull***t flags thrown on this rather pathetic attempt to discredit the men and women of our armed forces.

While I am a civilian, this fat ol' crip has spent some time around soldiers, Marines, airmen, and even some of them-there navy types. That said, not all are saints and I've met some who were complete and utter a******s (particularly before the Reagan restoration). Yet, I can say with a fair degree of certainty that had any of them ever made the comments reported in a loud manner in any mess, they would have gotten official counseling -- after a long and painful period of unofficial counseling. Almost no senior NCO I've ever met would have allowed that to happen without repercussions. In today's military, particularly in that environment -- it would not have been pretty. Not even a newly minted butterbar would have let such slide. Nor would the skull incident been allowed to slide, never mind that the description of how it was hidden/worn would be more than a little painful...

The final dealbreaker in terms of suspension of disbelief comes from the post on the 9mm casing. The knowledge of firearms and firearms availability is such that I can only believe that they think the term "lock time" refers to how long a door is locked. First up, no cartridge for pistol or rifle that is mass produced has a square shape or rim. Second, if the poseur writing that tripe was meaning to say that the firing pin impression was square, they sure missed it. Third, if they are trying to claim that there are not Glocks in Iraq except with the police, they are woefully ignorant. Fourth, claiming that only a Glock leaves a square(ish) firing pin impression is not necessarily accurate. I learned years ago not to make blanket claims, as I used to say when giving lectures on firearms to writers that no revolver since the Webley 1865 has had a safety. There have been, or are, at least two on the market today, though they are not common nor generally available.

In short, the dog and wolf poo, not to mention wolf leftovers, I have been around and/or picked up of late smell like roses compared to this steaming pile being served up as "real journalism" at TNR.

Now, would someone help me get my flag up on the pile? I can't throw that high.