Yet One More Reason "Journalists" Continue To Circle The Bottom Of The Trustworthiness Scale
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Radio & Tillman update

I added this to my previous post about Kev's theory on how Pat Tillman could have been shot.

I spent most of the afternoon reading several hundred pages of testimony about Tillman's death and I will first apologize to O'Neal for the post because the fact that it is possible that he could have done what Kev detailed was not a good enough reason to put it up in the way I did. Grim had it right in the comments, Occam's razor may say the simplest solution must be true, but it doesn't mean it is. As bizarre as the possibility seems, the rounds that hit Tillman in the head likely came from a SAW and M4 carbine in the convoy behind his.

The left was running with the idea that this unlikely 3 rounds in 2" group meant something sinister. As in most cases where the left tries to gen up some slander I assumed I could easily debunk it. Well I racked my little brain and couldn't, and when Kev mentioned his theory it was the first thing I had heard that actually made sense and would explain the situation without involving Noam Chomsky. As I said that wasn't a good enough reason to make the implications I did and I again apologize to O'Neal.

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