Medics in Baqubah...

Pundit Review Radio has Michael Yon from Baqubah

Last night the Pundit Review fellas had Bruce McQuain from Qand O on and also Michael Yon from in-country. They discussed the atrocity he reported on last week, , morale of the troops and the war in general, oh yeah and they also discuss our ret. FSO Kiki Munshi. Highlights and audio of the segments here.

Grim has brought up a new meme in the media, the nutroots and also our Democrat Congress. I will call it the surge against the surge. They are rightly afraid that this crazy plan just might work and are scrambling like mad to defeat it before it bears fruit. This is disgraceful, but not unexpected. We knew AQ would ramp up to try to influence US public opinion, their allies here are just helping with the information war.

This means we must match their renewed efforts.